Toon-brite™ Aluminum Cleaner


I have to admit, I am very skeptical when it comes to "before & after' photos used in product endorsements, but that recently changed for two products. I bought a "well used" 1987 Tracker Tournament TX-17 this summer as a project boat. The boat was in good shape, but definitely showing it's age. I tried your Toon-brite Aluminum Cleaner and Protective Clear-Coat - needless to say, the pictures I have attached are worth a thousand words.

The products are very easy to use...spray on, rinse off and apply clear-coat. It really was that simple and I was done in no time at all. One "project" done and time to go fish.

Thanks for a great product,
Curt Nowaskie
Sales Manager, Mercury Marine


"I wouldn't be without this product. I clean my pontoons (logs) every fall before storage. I spray on the logs/instructions & use a power washer to rinse off.  Whala!! Perfectly beautiful. Note: I keep my pontoon in fresh water all summer. It gets pretty slimy, etc. I can use the same container for 2 yrs."

Green Bay, WI


"I recently purchased a 1999 pontoon boat that was in immaculate condition except for the pontoons were black from the algae and water damage. I found your product at Rockwall Marine in Rockwall, Texas. I used the Toon Brite with the polish afterwards. The results were AMAZING!!!!! the pontoons look brand new!!! I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for the Great Product. It was easy to use and not very hard work at all."
Again THANK YOU!!!

Rockwall, Texas


Toon-brite™ Protective Clear-Coat


"Wonderful Product. Very easy to use and the outcome was great! They look like new and will stay that way!"

Jacksonville, FL


Well last year I didn't have a trailer for my pontoon and by the time I received the Toon-brite clear coat, the dealer had put it in the water. This year I tried the Clear-Coat and just like the cleaner, "I LOVE IT".  I used a folded rag to put it on with and love the results, in the sunlight these toons just shine...If I ever meet you, dinner is on me.



Toon-brite™ Aluminum Polish and Restorer


I just used this product for the first time on my new Tracker Pro Team 170TX. This product cleans the aluminum very well and leaves a good gloss. After running my hand over the finished portion the surface is very smooth. It cleans the aluminum very deeply and you can notice this easily by the way your cloths turn vitrually black after one one area. This time I hand wiped it but next time I will use my rotary buffer. I think the buffer will work a little bit better. I will recommend this product to anyone who owns an aluminum boat of any kind along with pontoon logs. You only need a small amount to get good results so the jar should last a long time. I also tried it on my trailer with very good results. The price is quite reasonable.

New Bedford, MA