C1000 Aluminum Polish & Restorer | 18oz


18oz of Aluminum Polish and Restorer!


  • Polishes and restorer for aluminum and most metal surfaces
  • Comes in an 18oz. jar
  • Apply by hand or with buffer pad
  • For Boats/RV’s/Trucks and Trailers

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Toon-brite, Aluminum Polish & Restorer [18 oz Jar]

Formulated to polish & restore aluminum boats / RV’s, trailers and most metal surfaces including copper, brass, stainless steel and chrome. Comes in a 18oz jar. Apply by hand or with a buffer.


Toon-brite, Aluminum & Metal Polish FAQ’s

Q: Are metal polish and wax the same thing?

A: No. Wax is simply a coating for fiberglass left on a surface to temporarily protect it from the elements. Metal Polish is a compound designed to remove a microscopic thin layer of the surface material and leave a flat, reflective surface.

Q: Can I use Aluminum Polish on materials other than aluminum?

A: Yes. You can also use it on brass, copper, stainless steel, and chrome. Works well on most Metal surfaces.

Q: Can I polish by hand or should I always use a buffer?

A: Yes you can. But you’ll want to stick to the smaller jobs. Use a buffer for the larger areas. It’s a lot faster and much easier on you.

Q: What type of buffer should I use?

A: It’s best to use a high quality 7” variable speed buffer with a lambs wool, terry cloth, or hard foam pad.

Q: When I start buffing, there is a black film that forms on the metal. Should I try to remove it?

A: No. Don’t worry about the film, Polish pulls the pigmentation back out after cleaning, that’s expected for a like new finish.

Remember: A little bit, goes a long way, buff it in and right back out!!!

NOTE: Aluminum Cleaner & Polish is available as a kit.


C1000 Product Manual

Shipping Specifications

Volume: 18oz

Case of 8: 11 lbs

Ship Weight Each: 2 lbs

Safety Data Sheet

MLM-003 Toonbrite polish

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