F1000 Fiberglass Hull Cleaner | 1/2 Gallon


1/2 Gallon of Full Strength Hull Fiberglass Cleaner


  • Easy to use fiberglass hull cleaner full strength
  • Can be diluted for lighter duty cleaning
  • Removes marine deposits, scum, stains, and oxidation
  • Simple Spray-on and hose off
  • Comes with 3-finger Home & Garden sprayer

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Spray-On, Fiberglass Hull Cleaner [64 fl. oz. / ½ Gallon]

Spray-On quickly removes scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains from most fiberglass surfaces. Simply spray on and hose off. 64fl.oz-full strength and will make up to 1 gallon or more for lighter duty cleaning. 3-finger home & garden trigger sprayer included. For new appearance and protection, follow with Toon-brite, Protective clear-coat. Shipped ground only.

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