BP1000 Aluminum Protective Clear-Coat Kit


1/2 Gallon of Full Strength Aluminum Cleaner!

1QT of Protective Clear-Coat!


  • Cleans, brightens, and Clear-coat and aluminum surfaces
  • Easy application process
  • Removes marine deposits, scum, and stains
  • Protects against corrosive elements
  • Better value than purchasing separately
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Toon-brite, Aluminum Protective Clear-Coat Kit

Everything you need to Clean and Clear-coat most aluminum surfaces. Kit includes ½ gallon of Aluminum cleaner, 3-finger home & garden trigger sprayer, 32fl.oz. Clear-coat and 3” foam applicator.

Designed for the do-it-yourselfer. Removes scum, lime deposits, oxidation and waterline stains. Also works well on most other aluminum surfaces. Simply spray on and hose off. Will make up to one gallon. Biodegradable. For new appearance and protection , follow with Toon-brite, aluminum polish & restorer and/or Toon-brite, Protective Clear-Coat.

Makes re-cleaning a snap. Will work on aluminum, fiberglass, brass, copper, and stainless and most metal surfaces. Rejuvenates and restores faded or oxidized surfaces to “like new” condition. Clear-Coat is easily applied using foam paint brushes or it can be sprayed, Also available in SPRAY ONLY for Manufactures. Clear-Coat will not CHIP, CRACK OR PEEL. The surface must be clean and dry. Note: Clear-Coat is not an Anti-Fouling Paint. Shipped ground only

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