PA1000 Protective Clear-Coat | 12oz. Aerosol


12oz can Aerosol of Protective Clear-Coat!


  • Being an aerosol there are 100’s of uses
  • Can be used on most surfaces
  • Guards against oxidation stains, and UV rays
  • Great color restorer

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Toon-brite, PA1000 Protective clear-coat, [12oz. Aerosol]

For years of protection against oxidation, weathering, stains, UV rays, corrosion, salt spray and electrolysis. Makes re-cleaning a snap. Will work on aluminum, fiberglass, brass, copper, stainless and most metal surfaces. Rejuvenates and restores faded or oxidized surfaces. Clear-coat is easily applied using 3-4 inch foam brush or can be sprayed using an HVLP type sprayer. Clear-coat will not chip, crack or peel. Note: Clear-coat is not an Anti-Fouling paint. Shipped ground only.

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